Marc Franchi and Jason Stanley, the cousins from Southern California responsible for the brand friezeframes, have set their sights on creating another high-end brand of eye wear with aggressive styling different from all others. anvifrieze is a marriage of the highest-grade stainless steel and beautiful acetate’s to create unique vintage inspired eyewear like no other.

Merry Christmas

Paul Richard

There is Paul Richard the American Artist. There is Paul Richard the American actor. There is even a Paul Richard who was Mayor of New York City back in 1735-1739. Then again there is Paul Richard the classic and yet contemporary frame from Friezeframes. Made of lightweight acetate right here in America, these eyeglasses  will surely turn heads and make you the envy of all your friends.  Available in Black/Crystal, Smoke/Crystal, and Brown/Crystal, the Paul Richard frames are just the right mix of charming, smooth and attitude.


Hollywood, land of dreams….land of make-believe…land of the possible and the impossible. How could one pair of eyeglasses possibly measure up to the class and style that embodies Hollywood? At Friezeframe we think we’ve done a great job, with our Hollywood frame. This bejeweled cat-eye is the ultimate optical look for those who want to be everything that is the promise of Hollywood. Available in Red Smoke, Sapphire Blue, Purple/Crystal, and Black/White/Crystal.


One of our most iconic styles is the Fifty-Nine. This wonderfully modified cat-eye features stylized flames rounding the temples to give this frame a hot look that few others can ever touch. Available as both an ophthalmic frame and a sunglasses, the fifty-nine is available in White/Crystal, Red Candy, and Deep Purple. Start you New Year with this hot look!


With the holiday season upon us, looking good is always a concern. Then again, looking good year-round is something we all strive for to some degree. You will always get compliments when one of the frames you choose to wear is the Minerva from Friezeframes. This acetate frame has all the style, class, sophistication and bling any woman could want from a pair of lightweight frames as only Friezeframe can do. Available in white or brown.

Happy Thanksgiving


Who has never heard the saying about not making a spectacle of yourself? Why should you when friezeframe has made a frame called Spectacle for you?  This classic round shape fits so many faces and personalities. Available in Black, Burlwood, and Crystal. Get one of each…

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from all of us at Friezeframes


71 is the algebraic degree of Conway’s constant, a remarkable number arising in the study of look-and-say sequences. It is also the name we choose to give one of our more fun and popular shaped frames. The friezeframe seventy-one has that late sixties early seventies feel of soft roundness with the bold modern look friezeframes is renown for. Available as both an ophthalmic frame and a sunglass, the seventy-one is a shape that gets compliments wherever you go.