Marc Franchi and Jason Stanley, the cousins from Southern California responsible for the brand friezeframes, have set their sights on creating another high-end brand of eye wear with aggressive styling different from all others. anvifrieze is a marriage of the highest-grade stainless steel and beautiful acetate’s to create unique vintage inspired eyewear like no other.


In Ancient Greek mythology, Artemis was one of the most wildly revered deities. The daughter of Zeus and twin sister to Apollo, Artemis was Mistress of Animals. The friezeframe Artemus will make any woman the mistress of the male animal. This beautiful frame stands out with its classic shape and distinctive brilliance. Yes, it’s spelled a little differently, but put a pair on and you will feel a little different as well. Walk on the wild side. These sleek frames will get you past the velvet rope every time.  Available as both an ophthalmic and sunglass in Black or Gold.